Spring Break Reminder

ASA Families – Just a reminder that spring break is approaching on March 15-19.  We know it’s been a long year and with the weather getting better, people are going to want to get outside or do some traveling.  However, we wanted to stress to all families that covid is still a real issue, as we’ve seen at the middle school, it only takes one case to shift us into a distance mode.

So we are imploring families to be thoughtful about travel and potential exposures during the vacation week.  If you have any suspicions that a member of your household is showing symptoms towards the end of the vacation week, it might be prudent to keep your student home for a day or two until they can get cleared with a test.  The two weeks after spring break are the most likely time for us to have a spreader event going into the last trimester of the year.  It would be a good time to review safe distancing protocols.  The state of MN has a helpful guide for anyone here: https://staysafe.mn.gov/individuals-families/index.jsp

Please stay safe during break so we can return for a strong end of the year.
Thank you – Kevin Fitton, Exec Director.