Board of Directors

Roberta Provost (parent) – Board Chair, Finance Committee

John Booth (community) – Member Elect July 1, 2021

Curt Nelson (community) – Treasurer, Finance Committee

Kara Dahl (teacher) – Secretary, Policy Committee

Lori Kenison (parent) – Member, Personnel and Strategic Planning Committees

Nate Severson (teacher) – Member, Finance and Strategic Planning Committees

Adam Schorer (parent) – Member Elect July 1, 2021

For any questions regarding board procedure, please contact the board chair or the executive director for assistance. For potentially adding items to the agenda, please contact the board chair, secretary, or executive director.

The ASA school board meets monthly to review any items of note, set policy, approve financials, and generally provide oversight for the district.  You can stay updated on happenings with the board by following the ASA Board Page on Facebook.