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Student Enrollment at ASA

ASA is a tuition free public charter school that open enrolls students on a lottery basis.  That means we accept students until we hit the cap for that grade level at which point the student is put on a wait list until a slot opens. The wait list for next year is determined by a lottery system and after that it is first come first serve at the bottom of the list.

Why Choose ASA?

ASA’s main goal is to be the premier option north of the metro for students who are interested in the arts and sciences.  As a small charter school, we cannot be everything to everyone like a larger comprehensive school district.  So we are focusing on this particular theme of arts and science integration into the entire curriculum.  We gladly invite parents who want to know more about this to contact one of the front offices for more information.

Where Does ASA Service?

Anywhere a student that is covered by the Cambridge-Isanti school district is also within our boundaries for transportation.  Outside of that range, we are still able to accept students with the understanding that transport is not available and parents/guardians would be responsible for getting their student to school.

Does ASA Have Meal Services?

Yes, ASA contracts with a food preparation company to deliver breakfast and lunch daily for students.  Meal orders are conducted by an online sign up and ordering system.  ASA does participate in the free/reduced lunch program for low income families.  Those forms go out to families at the start of each school year.

Does ASA Have Special Education Services?

Yes, as a public school ASA is obligated to provide special education services.  If you have specific questions regarding the services that ASA would be able to provide your student it is highly suggested to ask either front office for someone to contact you about a more lengthy conversation to see if ASA is the right fit for your needs.

How Do I Arrange for a Tour?

Simple, contact either front office.  We will have someone assist with scheduling for an appropriate time to see the building and ask questions about enrolling at ASA.

Step #1:

Step #2:

Please submit the enrollment packet after acceptance.