Dress Code Guidelines

Source for Art and Science Academy Logo Uniforms:

Available from Land’s End. ASA earns up to 6% cash back on purchases made from this site.

Sources for Uniforms

Uniform items can be found at many local and online stores including the following:

Many thrift stores, including Shalom Shop and  Family Pathways in Cambridge, often have items that conform to our uniform guidelines.

ASA is no longer accepting donations of gently used uniform items. Please bring any donations to Shalom Thrift Shop in Cambridge, as they have a uniform clothing selection area available for families to purchase from.

Please note that not all uniform items offered for sale by these retailers conform to our uniform guidelines. It is always a good idea to check with the guidelines posted above before making a purchase.


Dress Code Rationale and Guidelines

ASA believes that uniforms are more of a positive benefit than a negative.  Since the founding of the school, uniforms have been a part of ASA.  We believe it is a core component of getting students ready for the day and minimizing clothing related behavior issues.  Occasionally the school does theme days or free dress days as rewards for positive behavior.  Fridays are usually ASA theme shirt days as opposed to the usual polo shirt.  Additional information can be found in the links below.