Operations and IT

ASA Operations includes information regarding the financial and operational aspects of the school. Additional information will be posted here for anyone looking for this type of information. If you need operational assistance please contact our director, Paula Foley. Paula.Foley@asa.k12.mn.us

District Operations Information

New Vendor Form – For vendors ASA does not currently use, when we go to look for new products we will be checking this first to see if we already have a contact on file.

Billing – All invoices for ASA should go to the following:
Art and Science Academy
903 6th Ave Ct NE, Isanti, MN 55040

Affiliated Building Company – ABC

ASA has an affiliated building company as the legal holding entity for the school’s properties.  The legal name of the ABC is ABC Building Services (ABCBS).  If you have business or questions about the ABC please contact the Director.

High School Expansion Project

It is in ASA’s plans to expand from K-8 to K-12 in the near future.  The process to open an expansion is an undertaking almost to the same degree of opening a whole new school and so to help inform our community to the basic planning, we are providing the information below as a series of steps.  Obviously, these are estimates for completion, unforeseen circumstances could alter these depending on the situation.  However, the goal is to have an open HS within the next five years or less if everything falls into place.

  • Create an ABC (Affiliated Building Corporation) – Complete
  • Setup financial accounts – Complete
  • Increase fund balance to acceptable levels – Complete
  • Work with commercial realtor and school attorney on acquisition process – Complete
  • Approved MDE Review and Comment on Building AcquisitionComplete
  • Secure financing to acquire properties – Complete

Currently we are projecting to start this portion of the project in 2021-22 and will likely take 18-36 months depending on various factors.

  • Continue building fund balance – In Progress
  • Obtain zoning and tax exempt changes – In Progress
  • Contract with architect to start on design work – In Progress
  • Collect data on needs for facilities – TBD
  • Obtain conditional use permit for expansion – TBD
  • Obtain expansion approval from authorizer and MDE – TBD
  • Obtain Review and Comment from MDE – TBD
  • Obtain approval of design and permitting from the city – TBD
  • Develop bids for construction project – TBD
  • Secure financing for expansion project – TBD

We are anticipate approximately a 2024-25 start date for this portion of the project.

  • Finalize on bids for construction – TBD
  • Start land clearing and construction setup tasks – TBD
  • Start construction (approx 9-18 months) – TBD
  • Finalize punch list for completion of construction – TBD
  • Purchase necessary equipment and furniture – TBD

We anticipate approximately 2025-26 for this portion of the project.

  • Sending out mailing and marketing information to prospective families for HS openings – TBD
  • Posting openings for staff to fill positions for the HS start – TBD
  • Developing curriculum/programming for HS classes – TBD

In preparation for the first fall opening of the HS the following tasks would need to be completed.

  • Final checks of the new facilities – TBD
  • Staff in the building and complete interior preparations for classes – TBD
  • Purchasing of academic materials – TBD
  • Enrollment applications are posted for first HS class – TBD

District IT Information

Joshua Montag serves as our IT Department Lead. As technology stands as a pivotal asset in education, we strive to offer comprehensive service and support wherever feasible. It’s important to note that our capacity to provide support extends primarily to school-owned devices. Please be advised that available support hours may vary. Should you require assistance or have any inquiries, kindly reach out to our IT department by filling out this form.

Chromebook Repair Costs
  • LCD Screen: $75
  • Keyboard: $75
  • Broken/Bent/Loose Hinges: $250
  • Significant case damage: $250
  • Power Supply (any part): $50
  • Bags/Covers: $30
  • Missing Screws: $2 per screw
  • Broken Ports (mic, headset, usb, etc): $75 per broken part
  • Missing/Destroyed Chromebook: $250

School chromebooks are the responsibility of students and parents/guardians to ensure the device is taken care of when checked out.  The school does not offer insurance on chromebooks, but you can check with your personal house/renters insurance to see if it’s covered under that policy or there are companies that offer technology insurance such as: https://www.nssi.com/insurance