Partner With Us

A big Thank You! to our partners and sponsors:

We would like to acknowledge donors and encourage our parents to do business with our partners! Thank you for considering this request for financial partnership and support!

  • Chanticlear Pizza in Isanti
  • Donegan Law
  • PAC
  • Melissa Hutchens, DDS
  • Coborn’s
  • Century 21 – Solomon Team
  • Early Years Academy
  • Subway (Isanti)
  • Anytime Fitness

The Art and Science Academy is currently seeking donations for the following causes: classroom supplies, art/music/theatre supplies, and stage lighting/sound equipment.

Donations can be received by mail, by dropping off donations in person at the school or by clicking here to donate via PayPal.

Why are we asking partners to help?

​You may not be aware of this, but charter schools in rural areas receive far less funding than those in urban areas and inner cities. This is unfortunate because students and families in rural areas typically have no other educational option besides the traditional school district. That being said, partners (such as businesses or individuals) in the community can have a major impact on the quality of our programs by helping us provide our students with an ever improving quality 21st century educational experience. Donors are welcome to tour the school and view our programs in action! Funds received this year will be used to pay for projects or technology such as chrome books for students, sound and lighting for our auditorium, acoustical treatment for the walls and a 3-D printer.

​The Art and Science Academy is a great place to invest in. Visit the home page of this website to read about the personal testimonies of parents. In a recent survey, 95% of parents stated that they have seen a positive change in their child’s attitude towards school. Our approach to creating a safe, positive setting is expensive for us because it requires smaller classrooms and higher levels of staffing. Charter schools receive funding on a per-pupil basis, so fewer students amounts to fewer dollars. We believe and are committed to this model of education because it works and our students deserve to come to school each day feeling happy, safe and excited about learning. (100% of our parents state that their child is happy in his/her classroom!)

Donors can rest assured that all funds donated will directly support students and will have a big impact.

Other ways to get involved and partner with us!!

  • We are in need of large acoustic panels to reduce the noise levels in our cafeteria and multi-purpose room. Parents or community members interested in helping with this need can either purchase the materials needed for the panels (wood insulation, decorative cloth) or help assemble the panels (those who are handy and can create the panels.)
  • We are in need of audio equipment and lighting for our stage area.
  • We would like to continue to enhance our performance space. Anyone with skill or expertise in design or maintenance can get involved and help us to improve our stage and performance area. Please contact Amy at the school if you’d like to get involved.
  • Amazon Smile is an easy way to support the school as well, it’s a free sign up that doesn’t cost buyers anything beyond the time it takes to select the school as a beneficiary and then make purchases as normal by going to The company will divert 1% of sales to the school as a fundraiser and sends a check quarterly to the school. An easy way to help the school purchase supplies and other school essentials for our students.