September School Meals Ordering

Online ordering for school meals is now open for September. This year, ASA is utilizing My School Account (MSA) for breakfast and lunch orders. Before ordering, you will need to set up an account on ASA’s school web store, and then an account on MSA. Instructions on account setups and other food service information can be found here:
***If you are a new family to ASA, your student’s ID number and verification code will be emailed to you when your student’s enrollment information is in Skyward.
When you start to preorder meals, you will notice you do not have to pay for meals at time of order. Your account will be charged accordingly when your child is served a meal. You can add funds in advance to your child’s account or pay for meals when you place your next preorder. You will not be able to preorder meals if you have a balance due on your account.
**Please note ASA orders meals based on the preordered numbers, and ASA is charged for all meals ordered because they are catered in and not prepared on site. It would be greatly appreciated if you only preorder meals that your child will take. For each meal that is ordered and not served, the school loses money, and that amount can add up quickly.
Please email or call 763.444.0342 with any questions you have regarding ASA’s food service program.