Quarantine/Vaccination Clarification

ASA Families, Just wanted to help clarify some guidance we have received from the Dept of Health regarding close contact quarantines and those who are vaccinated. Currently, there is not enough research for them to verify that someone who is vaccinated/had covid is not also possibly a covid carrier. So while the vaccine will protect against illness, in a quarantine/close contact situation someone who is vaccinated will also likely have to participate in the quarantine as well unless it meets the guidance listed on this MDH page: https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/close.html#not

Based on the latest K12 School Nurse call from MDH, we are currently starting to see upticks in transmission in student age groups.  It is imperative for families to follow covid protocols and social distance guidelines both at school AND while away from school in order to help limit exposures.  In particular there are increases of the highly virulent B117 variant in counties just west of Isanti so for families that travel, work, run errands, etc in counties west/southwest of Isanti county should be aware of increased risks at this time.  Please make sure to follow covid protocols (masks, shields, handwashing, etc) are being followed to help limit exposures.  Your help in this matter is going to help our entire school population from being pushed into distance learning to contain outbreaks.  It is greatly appreciated, we understand what an inconvenience all of this is for everyone.  Thanks!