Website Notice

This went out via Skyward and FB:

Hello ASA Community,

If you haven’t seen it already, ASA has a new website that just went up today.  There might be a day or two while the domain switches over that there might be some page issues but we’ve been working with a web designer for the past few months to put a fresh new look on ASA’s website.  We are planning on updating a lot of the information in the upcoming months and posting more weekly content.  It is our plan for the website to be one of the main sources of information to the ASA community.  Already there are updated calendars, board meeting information, and updates so that our community can stay informed in an effort to streamline communications.

Also of important note is that there is an alert bar at the top of the page that will post critical information like school closings, so please make sure to check the ASA site if you are wondering about closings or similar issues.  Currently there is a message posted there about cold weather and making sure students have weather appropriate clothing so that everyone can get a sense of where to look in the future.  Grey alerts will be general information, orange is for important announcements, and red for critical closings and emergency situations.

So going forward, the most common forms of communication from ASA will come from:

  1. The website for general and posted information.
  2. Skyward for immediate emails directly to families
  3. Facebook PAC and School Board pages for parent related communications, conversations, and extras

This is only one of several projects that ASA is currently working on so please stay tuned for future announcements…

ASA Admin Team