Science Innovation Day – Elementary

On October 18, we learned about air and space at ASA Middle School. We went to 4 different stations with activities.

1. Hand helicopters
When you push them the wind that is caught in their propellers moves them up and down.
2. Wind Instruments used by Native Americans
Bullroar – an instrument used to talk and make sound by spinning a wooden object connected to a string.
Flute – pushing holes to make different noises while blowing into the top.
3. Gliders
They work similar to planes, but they take off differently. See if your child remembers how. (They work similar to a truck and trailer) A          n engine powered plane pulls it up into the air then releases it to glide across the air. They can stay the air for minutes or up to a few hours.
4. Rockets
The top of them is called the nose. They can be powered by air, gas and fire.
We are so lucky to have such an awesome science exploration day put on by Mr. Warner and Mr. Porter!