ESSER III Public Meeting

Hello ASA Stakeholders,
There will be a public meeting on July 29th at 5pm at the ASA Elementary regarding the use of ESSER III grant funds for the school.  This is a chance to provide input as related to learning loss and how the school can assist students in the post-covid environment.  The meeting will be in-person, but will also be streamed on Zoom.  The meeting information is posted on the ASA public calendar located on the website.  The public meeting portion is to go over what the grant is about and what is being asked of stakeholders.  We will take some questions and help clarify at the meeting, but the actual response data will be collected by a survey that will go out after the meeting.  MDE is requiring we keep details of our process for this grant which is why we are collecting all input by survey.  ALL ASA stakeholders are offered to attend this session (students, parents, staff, and ASA community members).
Kevin Fitton
Executive Director