Enrollment FAQs

What is the likelihood of my student being accepted?

The amount of spaces available in each grade is limited and we typically have full or nearly full grades, so there is no reliable answer to this question. Enrollment especially at the beginning of the year is highly variable because often times the school is unaware of a family’s plans until the last minute, so the first two weeks of school we tend to see a certain percentage shift at the last minute. We encourage families who are committed to an art and science integration curriculum to apply as their primary choice, not as a fallback.

What defines a sibling for the purposes of the priority list?

The enrollment policy provides for a priority list for children of employees and siblings of current students in order to help keep families together. There are three categories of siblings allowed: biological, legal, and foster. Biological siblings are related by the same parent. Legal siblings are from a joined family (evidence might be requested if situation is unclear). Foster children are automatically considered siblings for the duration of their stay with a family. For other living arrangements that do not meet these three above, students can still apply for the lottery but will be placed on the general list, not the priority one as they are not actual siblings.

Why do we only have 48 hours to respond once our student is selected?

Typically, we have multiple families waiting on open spaces and so to be considerate to those families, we limit the waiting time so that potential students are not held up from being enrolled. We would hope that families would already have a commitment to ASA in mind when applying.

What is the average number of students per class?

Class numbers vary depending on grade level but typically range from 20-22 per class.

How will I be notified of a lottery acceptance?

Information provided on the application form will be used to try and contact parents/guardians. Please ensure that contact information is accurate when submitting the application as ASA is not responsible for students who drop down the waitlist due to inaccurate information. Three attempts will be made to try and contact a parent/guardian before moving on to the next name on the list.

Does the school notify parents/guardians about shifts in a student’s placement on the waitlist?

Parents/guardians are informed of the initial placement on the list after the lottery drawing, however it is not common practice to constantly update parents/guardians to every update that occurs. If someone is looking for an update, they can be assisted by contacting the front office. Parents/guardians are contacted when an opening occurs, and they are the prospective candidate.

Does enrollment paperwork need to be completed before the student is admitted?

No. The school with not accept any paperwork beyond the initial application until a space opens up, at which point parents/guardians will be provided with an enrollment packet of all the additional forms that are needed at that point