Close Contact Update

Last night the board approved some changes to the covid policy related to close contacts.  A message went out on skyward that detailed these changes including the sample contact letter that will go out for notifications.  In summary, close contacts now have three options when informed of their status:

  1. Continue to come to school. Keep an eye on your student for any symptoms of COVID-19 (listed below). Keep your student home if symptoms occur. If your student develops symptoms, please refer to the recommendations below. As part of the return to school, wearing a mask will be required during the quarantine period only while in the school building (10 days from the start of notification as a close contact).
  2. Quarantine your student for 10 days after the date of exposure (CDC recommended guidelines) and monitor for covid symptoms. A covid test is highly suggested before returning to school, Vault tests are available at ASA for this.
  3. Have your student take a PCR test 5 days after exposure and return with a negative result on the 7th day after exposure. Vault tests or your own health provider approved PCR test are recommended for this.