Art and Science Integration

Art and Science integration is the idea of working the arts (music, art, and theatre) and the sciences (physical, biological, and chemical) into the entire curriculum.  This means a student could be sitting in a social studies lesson that highlights an art component or a music class that highlights the science behind different notes.  The possibilities for integration are endless.  It is ASA’s goal to integrate this across the entire K-8 curriculum so that every class includes these components throughout the day so that students can connect their interests in the arts and sciences to all the other areas of required study.

  • Music – One of the primary components of the arts at ASA, every student takes part in dedicated music classes in K-8.
  • Art – Another primary component of the arts at ASA, every student takes part in dedicated art classes in K-8.
  • Theatre – Currently an optional component of the arts that is explored in a variety of opportunities at different grade levels, culminating in the gala night for elementary and the after school theatre program for middle school.
  • Physical – The physical sciences are explored at various grade levels and this includes topics like forces, geographic processes, electricity and magnetism.
  • Biological – The biological sciences increase in complexity through the grade levels, including topics like cells, ecological processes, plants/animals, environmental systems, and body systems.
  • Chemical – The realm of chemical sciences also increases in complexity as students get older.  Topics in this area include atomic structure, elements, chemical interactions, and energy.

ASA is committed to the art and science integration, and works to meet our mission and vision.  Our attention continues to be focused on the long term mission of arts and science integration.  The elementary and middle schools are engaged in in-going integration efforts as school staff work out the logistics and training required to make this a seamless experience. That work continues…

ASA was accepted into the Comprehensive Arts Planning Program (CAPP). The program provide substantial planning support and training for the ASA CAPP team to push integration efforts forward with a team planned approach.  The program ran from the of spring 2021 through 2023. We continue to take our learning into the future of programming at ASA. 

Members of the current CAPP team include:

  • Paula Foley – Director
  • Shawna Voigt – K-8 Dean of Students
  • Dorothy Senger – 3rd Grade
  • Gretchen Jackson- Elem Art
  • Vanessa Pooler – Elem Music
  • Tonja Brown – MS Language Arts
  • Trey Stuckey – MS Music
  • Sam Stuckey – MS Art
  • Nate Warner – MS Science
  • Kyle Porter – MS Math
  • Liz Shatek – Parent