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Kevin Fitton, M. Ed.

Kevin Fitton, M. Ed.

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies: MN Licensed K-12 Principal & Superintendent

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Kevin comes to ASA as an experienced administrator, having previously managed a small charter school in northern MN. He also has a background in teaching 7-12 social studies with additional experiences with technology, environmental education, outdoor education, driver’s ed, stage sound/lighting, and exposure to public, private, and charter schools. Some additional areas that Kevin brings to ASA is a background in archery, stage sound/lighting, city government, and board leadership. Kevin is currently finishing up an Educational Specialist (Ed.S) degree in Educational Administration with Saint Mary’s University of MN.

Philosophically, Kevin is a fan of critical and democratic education such as described by educational researcher John Dewey from the University of Chicago. An enlightened and informed citizenry is absolutely essential to a functioning society. As educators, our goal is to help create productive and enlightened citizens to best help their communities.

Kevin’s role at ASA is to provide overall organizational leadership and technical expertise for district level operations along with support to board leadership for strategic planning and policy generation.  This includes finance, budgeting, legal, human resources, facilities, technology, and charter accountability.

In most situations, it is advisable to contact teachers or principals if there is an immediate building level issue as resolution is most likely to occur as close to the source as possible.  Typically, Kevin addresses district level issues or will follow up on concerns if not resolved at the building level. You may reach Kevin by phone at 763-444-0342 or by email kevin.fitton@asa.k12.mn.us.